Woman taken for $4,000 in scam

A Center Grove area woman lost more than $4,000 in a scam after she was told she won a prize.

Last year, the woman received a phone call and was told she won a Las Vegas Christmas Sweepstakes and that she needed to pay insurance on the winnings, according to a Johnson County Sheriff’s Office report.

During the next few months, the woman talked to four different people and sent money three times. She sent $2,000 plus $19.99 for shipping the first time and then waited for her winnings, the report said.

When the money didn’t arrive, she called back and then sent two money orders for $1,015 plus $15 for shipping to an address in Costa Rica, the report said.

She never received any money.

The woman told police she’d had brain surgery a few years ago and believed she never would have fallen for the scam before that, the report said.

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