Letter: Be careful whom we elect as next president

To the editor:

Citizens of America, ask yourself what has happened to the greatest country in the world. Let me take a look at what I think is going wrong. The president of this country has shown himself as a coward and degraded his office by his own actions. He has lied to his people more times than you can count.

Barack Obama has no guts to do what is right. Just think of the many times he has told other nations that America is no longer the greatest nation in the world. The voters of America better wake up because there will soon be someone who’s running for office in his party who is just like him I hear. Mrs. Clinton and her husband, when he became president, showed America that he could lie to us, when he stood in front of the nation and, with a grin on his face, told all of America that he never had sex with that intern.

So you see, we need to be careful who we elect for our next president: another eight years possibly of what we have now. The Republican Party is not quite as bad, but they have a lot of their own to worry about.

Richard Bryson