Pullquotes for RFRA story

“I think with his announcement today that they’re going to go back with some legislation to clarify the law, that that would be very acceptable. The city of Greenwood, we haven’t had any issues with this yet, and I don’t foresee this. We are open for everybody and won’t discriminate against anyone no matter what. I want to see what happens by the end of the week as requested.”

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers

“Franklin, Indiana, is open for business for one and all; no legislation will change this fact. We pride ourselves in being a rapidly growing community with a small-town feel. One facet of our rapid growth is our diversity. We have worked hard to build a place people want to visit and call home. Our community will not tolerate discrimination against anyone regardless of an individual’s religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, age or sexual orientation.”

Franklin Mayor Joe McGuinness

“We need to get legislation out there that clarifies that we are not going to let anyone discriminate against anyone for any reason. There was never anything in that law that said anything about any discrimination. … I hope we get this straightened out because Indiana is a welcoming place for anybody.”

State Rep. Woody Burton, who represents part of Johnson County

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