Letter: Veterans losing big in current legislative ‘game’

To the editor:

Team Soccer Stadium scored a major victory in the second half of the Indiana General Assembly Political Game. Their opponent, veterans, continue to be shut out.

Sen. David Long lead a huge $20 million score that will be hard for veteran advocates to overcome thanks to the lobbying efforts by Team Soccer Stadium. Senators for veterans have been unable to crack the staunch defenses of the administration and select leadership in charge of key committees.

During the first half of this political game house representatives for veterans also were blanked, and at halftime of the general assembly game, nothing related to finance survived. Fans for the veterans will have to step up and cheer loudly if veterans are to get in the game. Matching the $20 million score will be very difficult as the “’pretty big wish list’ that ought to have been pared down” must have been a foul play as it was cited with a yellow card.

Advocates are not professionals, they are passionate amateurs working for the needs of veterans and telling legislators they know they will not get it all. This appears to be an offending maneuver play. In previous general assembly tourney financial seasons, veterans lost big; looks bad this political season again.

Miracles can happen, maybe in “extra time” during reconciliation between the Senate and House — let’s hope veteran legislators keep trying and at least the final score will not be a shutout.

Jim Bauerle,

U.S. Army, Ret.