Police: Man faces charge of battery with horseshoe

One man was arrested after police were called to a fight where a person was hit with a horseshoe and the windows were busted out of a car.

Robert W. Clark, 53, Franklin, was arrested on charges of battery with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement after the fight on Thursday afternoon.

Police were called about a disturbance at a garage in the 1000 block of Eastview Drive. Clark and two other men were hitting each other with hammers, according to a police report. Clark was covered in blood and chasing the other two men around a vehicle with broken windows, the report said.

An officer pulled out his Taser and ordered Clark to calm down, but the officer did not have to stun him, the report said.

Clark told police he and the other two men began arguing and started to fight. Clark said one of the men jumped on his back and was hitting him in the head with a metal cup. He then hit one of the men in the head with a metal horseshoe and broke out the windows of a car, according to the report.

The other men were not arrested, but police sent information to prosecutors to decide what, if any, charges should be filed.

Clark, 1085 Eastview Drive, was taken to the Johnson County jail and released on $4,300 bond.