Hearts & Darts – March 30

Hearts and Darts


Big hearts and thank you to the firefighters who came to help March 5. You went above and beyond when you came back to our house.

Gary and Dee Kunkel


I want to thank the Johnson County Highway Department for their swift and effective action taken on County Road 600 North and also on County Road 200 East north of County Road 600 North. I called early in the morning to complain about the chuckholes that opened over the weekend. I just asked if someone could take a look and possibly fill the ones that need most of the attention? What I got was a great response from the highway department. Most of the holes were filled.

Phil Harmon


The Needham Elementary School PTO would like to thank the Franklin Community High School girls’ tennis team for running the games at our spring carnival and book fair. We would also like to thank the members of Key Club and National Honor Society who painted faces at the carnival. Thank you to the Franklin Kohl’s store and Ritter’s Frozen Custard for helping sponsor our event.

Allyson Sever,

Needham Elementary School PTO


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank-you to our neighbors Vic Flanery and Rich Sneed for keeping our driveways free of snow and ice this winter. To our wonderful grandson, Zach Long, a special thank-you for keeping our sidewalk clean. We love you all for the kindness you showed us this winter. God bless you all for everything you did for us.

Chuck and Carol BakerGreenwood

Girl Scout troops 1096, 701, 2572, would like to thank Pastor Ed Fisher and the Whiteland United Methodist Church for the Girl Scout Sunday service on March 15.

Esther and Venus Faulkner,

Scout leadersNew Whiteland


Darts to the Center Grove Middle School-hosted swim meet against Whiteland. As a grandparent, I came to see my granddaughter dive, and the meet was run in such a way that I was unable to hear any of the divers or dives announced because the swimmers were swimming at the same time. The swim announcer talked right over the divers’ announcer. It was very distracting. I have been to lots of meets where the swimming and diving aren’t done at the same time. In my opinion Center Grove doesn’t care for the swimming and diving teams’ supporting each other.

Peggy Daeger


Truly disappointed that the folks who run the city mulch project at the fire station on Fry Road decided to mix the leaf mulch with the wood mulch, making it useless for gardeners to mix in their soil and mulch plants. They waited until midsummer last year, which worked fine. Why so early this year? I’ve enjoyed this wonderful service for years.

John Mahoney


To whoever took our little green man (lawn figurine) that said ‘Watch for children.’’ We live across from the Nineveh playground and had it in our front yard to warn people that children were around. I hope you put it where children play, so drivers can watch out for them as we did.

Becky Martin