Franklin man faces child porn charges

A Franklin man faces six child pornography charges after police discovered a large number of illegal images on his computer.

Richard Taylor, 64, was arrested on a warrant on charges of possession of child pornography.

Taylor told police that he searched for adult pornography on the Internet and images of children occasionally popped up. He told police that he had downloaded some of those images, and they would still be on his computer, according to a police report.

Police seized multiple items, including Taylor’s laptop, disks and a USB flash drive. The police report detailed six images found on those media, but the report indicates that there was a much larger amount of child pornography on the devices. The images documented by police all appeared to show young girls who were nude or engaging in sexual acts with men.

Greenwood Police Department received a report that child pornography had been uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive, an online cloud storage account. Microsoft notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which forwarded the information to Indiana State Police and then to Greenwood.

The account where the image was found was registered to an email address belonging to Taylor. Police also contacted Comcast to track the IP address where the image was uploaded from, which came back as Taylor’s home, 1199 Hospital Road, Lot 233, Franklin, the report said.

Police received a search warrant to seize Taylor’s electronics and searched his home on Jan. 26.

He was taken to the Johnson County jail, where he was being held on a $7,200 bond.