Letter: Tim zone issue has become more confusing

To the editor:

On March 17, a letter to the editor from Bernie Augenstein of Greenwood indicated that he was unable to find any information regarding HCR 20. I found information on HCR 20 on my first Google search. It was really quite easy to find.

HCR 20 is a House Concurrent Resolution. A concurrent resolution is a resolution (a legislative measure) adopted by both houses of a bicameral legislature that lacks the force of law (is non-binding) and does not require the approval of the chief executive (president). In this instance, the governor.

I have included the link to the concurrent resolution as well a the language of the concurrent resolution. It is as follows:





A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION urging the Legislative Council to assign to the appropriate study committee the topic of which time zone our state capital and, therefore, the majority of our citizens should observe.


Feb. 12, 2015, read first time and referred to Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedures.

It would seem that Mr. Augenstein would also benefit from conducting a more thorough checking of the facts.

His position on the time zone issue is really no different than the one expressed in Sue Dillion’s letter of March 7. They just happen to be opposite opinions of the same issue. Each side has its strong points and its weak points. It has been an issue in Indiana since, pardon the pun, the beginning of time. I actually remember when Indiana was in the Central Time Zone. I lean toward moving to the Central Time Zone mainly because Chicago, the mega city in this area, is in the Central Time Zone.

I think it is time to get rid of Daylight Saving Time. They obviously do not teach the difference between Standard Time and Daylight Time in schools any longer. When I was still working I often had to participate in conference calls. It was an easy thing to do until Daylight Saving Time rules kicked in. At the time, Indiana was not participating in Daylight Saving Time and remained on Eastern Standard Time.

The majority of the people coordinating the calls did not know there was a difference between Standard and Daylight Time.

But I have no control or any say in the time zone matter. The politicians most likely will continue to do what they do best … make the time zone issue even more confusing.

Beverly Wilkerson