Boys who want to play spring sports at Franklin Community High School have four to choose from.

They can play baseball or golf, or run track — or play volleyball.

A club sport at the school, volleyball has grown in popularity in recent years at a number of schools around the state.

Franklin recently played its season-opener against Covenant Christian High School.

Nik Welch, a senior middle hitter, speaks about the experience.

How did you get into playing volleyball?

Had a friend in class my freshmen year. They mentioned the team to me, so I tried out. 

What is your fan base like?

Most people don’t know about it. It is quiet in school. People think it is a girl sport, but men’s volleyball is big at colleges. It is really just parents and friends.

Are you recognized at as traditional sport?

Here it is a club; people don’t get the word out.

What was your biggest surprise at your first practice?

I thought it would be just batting a ball back and forth. It is a serious sport, just like every other sport. 

What has been your biggest challenge in learning the sport?

Understanding the game. All the rules and rotations.

How are you preparing for the season?

We only have 10 practices until our first game. 

Why did you pick volleyball over a more traditional spring sport?

Through middle school, I did track. I just did that to stay in shape and be more coordinated for football and basketball. Then, I thought volleyball would help me with my jumping.

So, you see it as a pit stop to bigger sports?

Most people think that going in, but this is a real sport.

What is your season like?

We play 25 to 30 games. Our season ends right around May.

What is your goal this year?

I would like to win state my senior year.