Local family group spans 5 generations

Daily Journal Staff Reports

A local family recently celebrated an addition to their family that gives them five living generations.

Bob and Mary Calaway are the parents of Cathy Likens. Likens’ daughter is Nycole Cowgill. Nycole Cowgill’s daughter is Kamylle Cowgill, and Kamylle Cowgill’s son is Tatum Cowgill, who was born Aug. 20. The family all live within 15 minutes of each other. All are Johnson County residents except Likens, who lives in Marion County.

Bob and Mary Calaway care for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In their spare time, they serve the community as pastors, performing marriage ceremonies, praying for or mentoring people who need encouragement and visiting patients in the hospital.

There are 23 members in the family who gather for birthday celebrations, holidays and attend Emmanuel Church of Greenwood. All 23 vacation together every fall to Destin, Florida. They also play volleyball and ride go-carts (including the grandparents).