Letter: Franklin resident not pleased with school system

To the editor:

In December 2014, a seventh-grade student performed a popular song choice (“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers) in the choir classroom with her choir teacher’s approval. Fast forward to February 2015.

School talent show auditions. The student performed the same song choice and is disqualified from participating in the talent show. The reason: “inappropriate song lyrics.” The student had submitted the song choice prior to auditions and was given no indication that the choice was “inappropriate.”

Instead of the judges offering a solution based on their vague objections the student is kept from performing and feels alienated and ostracized. They offered no solution options such as changing or deleting the “inappropriate” lyrics which could have been remedied if the student had been given notice to change them prior to auditions.

“Egad and Good Heavens,” what is this world coming to?

Pamela Konchinsky

a.k.a. the mom who needs to find an open-minded and tolerant school system for the next five years