Letter: Town designation would benefit police

To the editor:

In the Feb. 16 edition was an article about K-9 (police dog) members in the various departments. One subject was the K-9 in the Greenwood Police Department. The next was about a K-9 with the Center Grove Police Department.

This really caught our attention. We’ve lived here (White River Township) for over 30 years. We’re aware of the Center Grove school district, which does have a security force within the makeup of the Center Grove school district. The school district security force does a wonderful job in all aspects of police work within the SCHOOL DISTRICT.

They have at least one K-9 member. Be that as it may, where is the town of Center Grove? I guess in Johnson County, Indiana, that has a police department and a K-9 member? In 2011 someone on the White River Board of Trustees, Bargersville and Greenwood all decided to consider creating a town known as Center Grove.

To save time, the Center Grove discussion never got off the pad. Greenwood wasn’t too interested, Bargersville had their plans for a northern expansion, and the board, well it’s still a board. If you do a search for Center Grove, Indiana, you’ll be referred to the days of 2011.

Why is it so difficult to name a group exactly what it is? I’m sure they are deputized in the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. This would give Center Grove authority outside of school district jurisdiction, if need be. Why can’t a “spade be called a spade?”

Ed Woods

White River Township