Greenwood amphitheater improvements planned

Greenwood hopes new fencing will make a city venue more attractive for outdoor weddings, picnics or private concerts.

Officials are planning to add a decorative fence around the city’s amphitheater in an attempt to appeal to people, groups or businesses hosting outdoor events.

The park board approved spending $62,690 for about 1,200 feet of fencing that will ring the stage and lawn at Surina Square Park off Washington Street. The metal fence with decorative stone supports will help create a cozier atmosphere around the stage and allow some additional control for private events, Parks Superintendent Rob Taggart said.

The fencing company is also putting up a decorative arch over the staircase that descends to the lawn, Taggart said.

When there’s not an event going on, the gates will be open so anyone can use the park, Taggart said.

Residents who have a parks membership already can rent the amphitheater for $125 for two hours or $400 for the entire day, with the price being more for nonmembers and nonresidents. But adding the fence should make it more attractive for private events, Taggart said. For example, a large manufacturer could throw a private concert for its employees, a nonprofit could have a picnic fundraiser or a couple could have their wedding on-stage.

The fence will be put up this spring, so it will be ready for events this year, such as the summer concert series. The city is not planning to increase rental prices for the amphitheater once the new fence is up, Taggart said.