Q and A: Foreign exchange student page

A local foreign exchange student got a peek at state government.

Pavla Zelena, a junior foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic, was a page for Rep. Ed Delaney, D-Indianapolis, pictured above at left.

Zelena attends Whiteland Community High School and is living with the Haworth family until she returns home in June.

Here is what she said about getting a chance to see state government.

● Why did you want to be a page?

It was a way to see how government works here. I can’t see anything like that at home. It’s really been an honor to be a page, because not everyone gets to do this.

● What was happening on the day you were there?

One of the representatives was trying to get his bill passed.

● What was your favorite part of being a page?

When we got to get and see the mail for the representatives around the statehouse.

● What surprised you most about being a page?

When someone would be in front of the entire house, reading a bill. They would be serious until they made a joke. They would laugh and get serious again.

● How did this experience differ from seeing government work in your country?

They are really similar, but I have never really seen anything like that in my country.

● What surprised you most about America?

A lot of things. People are very friendly. Classes are much more fun than they are back home.

● What is your favorite class?

I like all of them, because of the teachers. Maybe cooking class is the best, because we get to eat everything we make.

● Why did you want to study in America?

I like studying languages. English is the most useful language you can have now. I want to learn things I can use in life.

— Compiled by Magen Kritsch, mkritsch@dailyjournal.net