Schoo: Q and A space camp

Clark Pleasant Middle School students can get spacey during spring break.

Seventh-graders at the school can enroll in a space camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Here is what Marsha Keith, science teacher, said about the experience:

● How many years have you gone to the camp?

26 years

● Who pays for the camp?


● What do you want students to get from the camp?

To experience what it would be like to be involved in an actual shuttle launch. To see the how skills in science and math are relevant outside of the classroom. Inspiration for pursuing a career in math, science or technology.

● How many students typically go?

30 to 50 students

● Do you weave camp into lesson plans?

Space camp is an extension of the lessons over motion and forces. It is also an extension of the many science skills that we teach throughout the year.

● What does camp give them that they won’t get in a classroom?

Actual hands-on experience with the technology that enables them to experience a shuttle launch and an opportunity to view the history behind the space program.

— Compiled by Magen Kritsch,