Hearts and Darts


  • A special thank-you to the Indian Creek FFA, area churches, Boy Scout Troop 218, Texas Roadhouse, sponsors, volunteers, family and friends. Without you, the Carrie Clayburn Memorial Dinner would not have been the success that it was. It’s helpful to know that ICHS students will benefit from the scholarship and that Carrie will be remembered. God bless.

John and Sheila Heidenreich


Chris, Jenny, Tegan, and Liam Thompson


  • Many hearts to Brothers Home Solutions, Mark Lewis and Nate Ratcliff, for coming into our home and cleaning up the mess our former contractors had left us in. We appreciate the wonderful work you have done to make our renovation into a beautiful home for us to live in for many years to come. We recommend using the Brothers for any need you may have for your home.

Larry and LaTheda Noonan


  • To Miss Katie Cripes and the fourth grade teachers at Northwood Elementary School: Thank you for letting me come to your school to talk to the children about our nation’s colors and for taking our flag education test to talk to the children. It is an honor for me.

Bryon Thompson


  • Hearts to the county highway department crews who plow our roads, to our Daily Journal carrier who brings us our paper each day and to the postal carriers who live up to their creed and deliver the mail daily.

Karen and Rich Gotshall


  • Many thanks to George Zimmerman for changing our flat tire on Sheek Road on Feb. 15. It is nice to see that people still care for others. From two heart patients, thanks again, George.

Judy and Jack Schier



  • Darts to the Daily Journal for omitting some of the Big Ten basketball games on their sports events schedule.

Dr. Dick Huber