McDonald’s manager receives Ray Croc award

A Greenwood restaurant manager is known for getting customers’ orders right and keeping her staff.

Chrissie Molitor, who manages the McDonald’s restaurant at 2252 S. U.S. 31, was awarded the Ray Kroc Award, an annual corporate award that recognizes the top managers in the nation. Fewer than 1 percent of McDonald’s managers receive the award each year.

Molitor, a southside resident, has worked at McDonald’s for 14 years, starting when she was 16. Molitor worked during high school and college, completing a degree in telecommunications at Indiana University. She’s been general manager for four years, and has continued at McDonald’s because of all the opportunities to advance her career, she said.

“Everyday is different. No two days are the same. Everyday is a different challenge. Some days you smile, some days you don’t, but there are definitely more smiling days than not. I really like working with the younger crew,” Molitor said.

“We really tried to be a place for people to come and get their first job.”

Working with her staff of 35 to 45 teenagers is one of her favorite parts of her job. She also makes sure her employees are aware of opportunities for promotion in the company.

“If they showed interest, we supported them and encouraged them,” Molitor said.

The Ray Kroc Award is given to the managers at the top-grossing franchise restaurants with strong service and customer service standards, and who build an adept restaurant crew.

Molitor has a solid staff of more than 100 people — most other McDonald’s restaurants only have about 50 employees.

Karen Wojtowicz, co-owner of Molitor’s store, said successful stores don’t just happen on their own. Molitor’s is one of the nation’s most successful.

“You make it a $4 million restaurant,” she said. “Her turnover is so low and she’s so well-staffed.”

Molitor also focused on drive-thru sales. As much as 80 percent of sales at the restaurant are made in the drive-thru, so she knew that ensuring quality was going to be the key to success.

To boost sales, she emphasized making sure that orders were correct, rather than fast. That ultimately boosted the overall speed of the service as well, she said.

Molitor will receive a cash prize of $2,500, a trophy, ring and pin and a trip to Chicago for an awards gala in March.

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