Letter: JustIN, Indy Eleven stadium twin bill of bad ideas

To the editor:

Well Gov. Mike Pence woke up, discovered what was going on in and around his office and pulled the switch on “JustIN” thereby ruining my idea for “birds of a feather.” We’re glad he did. I’ve always been a Pence fan and was really surprised when he let the press department a.k.a. JustIN more or less take off at full speed.

I don’t think he’s ready to be president just yet, but down the road it could happen. The Indy Eleven organization or minor league soccer organization, that’s something else. They want a township, a city or maybe a county to put together this world class stadium.

What I didn’t notice was a note regarding club house seating (including dinning and a bar). We do have casinos with live racing and all the casino trimmings that somehow were put up without any government (from any level) assistance. The state with federal funds did make some interstate highway improvements, but these are used by all taxpayers on a year-round basis. I’d suggest that the Eleven get in touch with the Indianapolis Indians to get some lessons on how to win customers (fans) and make a buck. It’s known as hard work.

The Indiana government “JustIN” plan and the Indy Eleven plan for an all-purpose event stadium look like twins.

Ed Woods