If you want to know how much a Caesarian section or heart surgery will cost you at local hospitals, there’s a website for that.

The Indiana Hospital Association developed a website that allows potential patients to check the prices of the 100 most popular treatments and procedures — from joint reattachment to chemotherapy. And they can compare that cost with up to two other hospitals at a time.

Search for a C-section, for example, and you’ll find some variety in pricing.

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The state average: $18,124

Community Hospital South: $21,046

Franciscan St. Francis Health: $18,657

Johnson Memorial Hospital: $14,835

For pneumonia, treatment costs range from $20,656 to $27,456.

Along with the costs, the website also lists quality measures, including patient survey results, re-admission rates and infections.

“The quality of the care patients receive is just as important as the price. It is important to see other patients’ outcomes when consumers evaluate their treatment options,” Douglas Leonard, president of Indiana Hospital Association, said in a news release.

To do your own price checking, visit mycareinsight.org.

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