Andy Bass is entering his 18th season as head coach of the Greenwood Community High School baseball team. He teaches math at the school.

What do you enjoy about coaching? What keeps you enthused?

I love the game of baseball and the opportunity to help players develop their games. For the past 36 years I have spent the spring and summer involved with baseball, 18 as a player, 18 as a coach. I could sit and watch baseball games every day, whether it be in person or on television.

There are many people that think it’s boring to watch. Not me. I enjoy sharing what knowledge I have about the game with the high school players. I really enjoy seeing them mature and improve from their freshman year through their senior year.

How tough is it to balance everything, from work to coaching to family?

It’s difficult because of the schedule. Every week is different, depending on the weather. I have had to miss several of my sons’ Little League games through the years because I had (varsity) games the same night. However, without my involvement in coaching, I’m don’t know if my sons would enjoy baseball as much as they do.

This spring I will have the opportunity to have my oldest son in the high school program, which makes the previous sacrifices worth it. It is probably more difficult on my wife than me, as far as balance. With four children, she has to get them all to their events while I am off coaching the high school team.

Are there times when you ask yourself, enough is enough?

I think it’s natural at times to ask yourself, “How much more?” Or, “Is it worth it?” Situations come up in life where you feel like you should be somewhere else doing something with your own kids. Part of what made me want to be a teacher was the ability to coach. I played in high school and in college and have been coaching for 18 years, but I still get excited every time I put the uniform on in the spring.

Baseball is something that I love being a part of, so I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.

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