Letter: Repealing care act good for Americans

To the editor:

Americans deserve a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Picking around the edges of the ACA will cause new unintended consequences.

Indiana Congressman Todd Young is one of the sponsors of the Save American Workers (SAW) Act of 2015. It seeks to redefine full-time work to 40 hours. The employer mandate in the ACA redefined employees working 30 hours or more as “full time.” As a result many workers had their hours slashed and can only find part-time work. Unfortunately, the SAW Act does not go far enough to help workers. It may cause more people to have their hours slashed.

Now Republicans have majorities in both the House and Senate. They must act bold. A full repeal of the ACA is the best option for workers and businesses. Yes, President Barack Obama will veto a bill that fully repeals his signature legislation. Democratic senators know the ACA is unpopular. Their majority faded because they passed and supported the ACA. How many Democratic senators would support a full repeal of the ACA, enough to override a veto?

Americans deserve better. They deserve a full repeal of the ACA.

Tina Turner