County OKs new office space for coroner

The county coroner will get a new office space, but the county has not found a place for the morgue or for autopsies to be performed.

The coroner is currently using space at Johnson Memorial Hospital for autopsies and other business, but the hospital can no longer provide that space. Coroner Craig Lutz asked the county council and commissioners for a permanent location with an office space, conference room, larger morgue and autopsy examination space.

Lutz suggested either constructing a new facility or purchasing an older building and upgrading it to meet his needs, including proper ventilation.

Half of Lutz’s request has been filled: The coroner will get an office and conference room in the north annex building across the street from the courthouse.

But officials aren’t yet sure where to find space for autopsies.

Lutz can use the new office space and conference room as an area to meet with families or to discuss investigations.