Robotics teams from two local school districts are preparing to compete in the state finals next month.

Center Grove is sending two robotics teams, 8149 Panic in the Build Room and 6190 Cyberstorm, to the finals competition in Lafayette. Greenwood also has two teams, one from the high school and one from the middle school, that are advancing.

This is the first year of competition for Greenwood’s robotics teams, which include 12 middle school students and 20 high school students. Coach Chris Campbell said the teams are happy to be competing, but are slightly surprised that they made it to state.

“We are so new at this, we were just shocked to know that we qualified,” Campbell said. “We’re hoping to do the best we can. Just getting there, we’re thrilled.”

To advance to the state finals, the teams needed to be able to program their robots to complete autonomous and remote control tasks. That means for some of the tasks, the robot operates on its own for as long as 30 seconds. For other tasks, the robot is controlled by team members, Campbell said.

Right now, Greenwood’s team has become skilled at moving plastic tubes mounted on wheels with their robot. Eventually, the goal is for the team to be able to pick up and move Wiffle balls with their robots, Campbell said. The tasks students have to complete at competitions will change annually, so even though they’ll get better at programing and operating their robot, they’ll still be challenged, Campbell said.

The finals competition will be Feb. 21, at Tecumseh Middle School in Lafayette.

At a glance

Here is a look at who is on the Greenwood teams:

Greenwood Community Middle School

Scott Vannoy

Paul Lundgaard

Nathan Thorpe

Ivy Rimer

Jonah Roleson

Ben Challman

Hunter Ross

Josh Hinojosa

Greenwood Community High School

Cameron Holman

Josh Mooshian

Isaac Welliver

Josiah Woodcock

Michael Tam

Collin Graber

Ethan Pine

Braxton Laster

Cameron Beach

Chris Ashmore