5 catalytic converters stolen from RV sales lot

A thief removed parts from five recreational vehicles at an Edinburgh sales lot during the weekend.

Police said catalytic converters, worth up to $500 each, were stolen from five vehicles at Edmundsons RV Sales, located at 14501 N. U.S. 31.

A mechanic started one of the vehicles Monday afternoon and recognized that the catalytic converter was missing. The same mechanic later found black felt gloves, suspected to be from the thief, according to an Edinburgh Police Department report.

The thief or thieves likely lifted up the fence surrounding the sales lot and crawled under it, Edinburgh detective David Lutz said. The converters can be removed quickly.

The stolen converters could sell for $400 to $500 each, Lutz said. The thieves targeted vehicles with a specific engine brand, Triton V10 engines, the report said.