The holiday season, with it’s endless parade of sweets, succulent meals and soirees, is over.

The prime rib dinners have been eaten. The plates of cookies, fudge and pies are finally gone. The champagne toasts have been made.

Now, it’s time to get to work.

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The start of a new year means that many people will be dedicating their free time to getting fit. They’ll make commitments to new gym memberships, or dust off the old ones that haven’t had much use lately.

But not everyone is inclined to toil away on a treadmill or pump iron for hours at a time to get in shape. Luckily, Johnson County boasts a wide array of unique, challenging, even fun classes that can help people obtain the level of fitness that suits them best.

Here are 10 options to consider moving forward this year.

1. Tai chi

Where: Greenwood Community Center, 100 Surina Way

Cost: Four month-long sessions, $16 for members, $20 for Greenwood residents and $24 for non-residents

$12 member, $15 resident and $18 non-resident for the Feb. 2 to 23 session

$20 member, $25 resident and $30 non-resident for March 2 to 30 session

What: The slow-moving exercises of traditional tai chi may seem like the opposite of a fitness program. But the intentional moves can help improve coordination and balance, improve deep breathing and reduce stress levels, a must as the after-effects of the holidays linger.

Information: 881-4545 or Advanced registration required.

2. Aerial silks classes

Where: Pole Harmony, 5135 S. Emerson Ave., Suite J, Indianapolis

Cost: $20 for introduction classes, $15 for single session classes.

What: Get your fitness level off the ground like the famed aerialists in the Cirque du Soleil performances. Participants spin and twirl using professionally tested and rigged fabric that hangs from the ceiling, working core, legs and other muscle groups in a fun workout.


3. BodyPump

Where: Fitness Indy South, 88 US 31, Greenwood

Cost: $7 a class, $25 for four classes, $50 for unlimited classes each month.

What: Many people want to increase their strength and get toned, but don’t want to simply pump iron. BodyPump could be the answer. The class provides a structured program incorporating light to moderate weights, hitting every major muscle group from legs to biceps to back.


4. Kettlebell bootcamp

Where: Center Grove High School, 2717 S. Morgantown Road, Door No. 6

Cost: $10 per session, or three months of unlimited classes for $149

What: With nothing more than a series of iron handheld kettlebells, Marty Mills and his staff can improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and performance with functional movements that you would encounter in your everyday life.


5. Hot yoga

Where: Evolutions Yoga, 2801 Fairview Place, Greenwood

Cost: $15 for a single class, $65 for five classes, $120 for 10 classes, $200 for 20 classes, or $95 per month unlimited.

What: In a room that can reach 105 degrees, the intensity of this yoga style is ratcheted up along with the temperature. The heat encourages blood flow and allows muscles to stretch and contract with ease, allowing people to add more dynamic poses and moves to the sessions for a more challenging workout.


6. Aqua Zumba

Where: Baxter YMCA, 7900 S. Shelby St., Indianapolis

Cost: Must be member to YMCA to participate; memberships costs vary depending on income

What: The Latin-tinged fitness craze moves to the pool, where participants use a dance-inspired program to get a cardiovascular workout. Since it’s held in the water, though, the stress and impact on the joints is relieved, providing an ideal yet entertaining workout for people who can’t do traditional exercise classes.


7. Pilates bar training

Where: IM=X Pilates, 886 N. State Road 135, Suite D, Greenwood

Cost: $159 per month for unlimited classes

What: Inspired by traditional ballet training, this Pilates workout will utilize moves such as the grande and demi pliés along with the ring stabilization techniques. The workout will provide lengthening and toning to the lower body, laying the foundation for the strong body of a dancer.


8. Gentle yoga

Where: Peaceful Heart Yoga Studio, 550 E. Jefferson St., Suite 302, Franklin

Cost: $10 per class, $56 for eight classes, $70 for 10 classes

What: Want to start the new year undoing the frazzle that the holidays can bring on? Then a good place to start is by relaxing the mind and body. Gentle yoga focuses on deep breathing and meditation, helping to block out the physical and spiritual stress that life can bring. The class is ideal for beginners to yoga, as well as those recovering from injury.


9. Kickboxing

Where: The Gathering Place, 1495 W. Main St., Greenwood

Cost: $3 for members, $4 for non-members

What: Like a martial arts fighter, people can kick and punch their way to better health during this hour-long class. The fast-paced session can increase agility, speed, strength and endurance, using the legs, arms, shoulders and chest while focusing on the core. The class is non-contact, and is suitable for people of any fitness level.

10. Cycle Fit

Where: Franklin Cultural Arts and Recreation Center, 396 Branigin Blvd., Franklin

Cost: $35 for members, $40 for non-members

What: This cycling class recreates the effect of climbing up hills and coasting down the road on a racing bike, without having to leave the gym. Riders sit on stationary cycles, changing pace and effort as an instructor guides you through a fictional landscape. With the ability to make it as difficult as necessary, riders are provided with the opportunity to push themselves as much as they want to.


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Ryan Trares is a reporter for the Daily Journal. He can be reached at or 317-736-2727.