Drop-off sites to recycle your Christmas tree

If your Christmas tree doesn’t go back into a box at the end of the year, here’s how to get rid of it after the holidays.

Before you take your Christmas tree out of the house, make sure to take off all ornaments, tinsel and lights. Trees will be ground up into mulch, so they can’t have any decorations left on them.

In Greenwood and Franklin, you can put your tree out on the curb and it’ll get picked up. City street workers will come by with grappling trucks to pick up trees to be ground into mulch.

In Franklin, Ray’s Trash Service will pick up trees, while the regularly scheduled large item pickup week starts Jan. 5.

If you live in unincorporated areas such as the Center Grove area or in smaller towns that don’t have curbside limb pickup, you can drop off your trees at four recycling sites. The Johnson County Recycling District will allow residents to drop off trees between Dec. 26 and Jan. 8. The trees will then be picked up and ground into mulch, recycling district director Jessie Biggerman said.

The recycling district partners with McCarty Mulch and Stone off State Road 37 and collects about 400 to 500 trees each year through the program, Biggerman said. People dropping off trees should look for signs pointing them to the right area at each of the sites, she said.

Here’s the four drop-off sites:

Johnson County fairgrounds, 250 Fairground St., Franklin, across from the extension office

Center Grove High School, 2717 S. Morgantown Road, Greenwood, near tennis courts and baseball diamond

Indian Creek Intermediate School, 1000 Indian Creek Drive, Trafalgar, northwest corner of teachers parking lot

McCarty Mulch and Stone, 100 Bluffdale Drive, Greenwood, off State Road 37 south of Fairview Road