County gets state money to cover snowstorm efforts

The county could get more than $75,000 to help cover the costs of overtime, fuel and salt used after the record snowfall in January.

Last week, Gov. Mike Pence announced $4.6 million would be divided among 30 counties through a federal grant to pay for the additional costs associated with the Jan. 5 snowstorm.

The county was able to claim certain costs, including salt, fuel and overtime for employees, such as dispatchers and extra officers called in for the sheriff’s office, Johnson County Emergency Management Agency director Stephanie Sichting said.

The county commissioners applied for the federal grant and were eligible for up to $10,530. They received 75 percent of that amount, or $7,898, Sichting said.

The highway department was eligible for up to $68,391 over the 48 hours of snowfall, Sichting said. The highway department had not received their grant as of Monday.