Q&A: Meet the author


by Dave Phillips

Waverly resident and Franklin Church of the Nazarene parishioner Dave Phillips has fulfilled a lifelong dream by recently publishing his first novel. “Grantitude” follows the story of a young man rebuilding his life and relationships after making a major mistake.

Phillips, a mechanical engineer, owns the consulting firm Waverly Engineering. He and his wife are the parents of two children.

Here’s a bit more about Phillips and his craft:

What made you pursue writing at this stage in your life?

I’ve loved writing since I was a kid — since the first exercises in first and second grade when teachers told you to write stories. I’ve been doing it since then. I wrote several articles for my high school newspaper. When I owned Franklin Heating and Cooling, I enjoyed writing ad copy.

I knew I wanted to write a book before my time was up. I felt very strongly that I had a stronger mind at age 56 than (I would when I was much older).

I really wanted to write a book about work ethic. I wanted to weave it into a fictional story.

Are there local ties to

the story?

Pastor Max Downing and his family, wife, Leona, and children, Mona and Lisa, were inspirations and assisted with the book’s creation by offering expert advice. Some of the characters are based on them.

Whom do you hope to reach with your book?

I wrote this book for young adult men who don’t read. So far I’m getting a good response from older readers.

I’m surprised that older 50-plus folks are enjoying it. I’ve got a lot of requests from readers to do a sequel.

A lot of people have said, “Hey, I want to hear what happens next.” The best email I’ve gotten is from someone who downloaded it on their Kindle and said, “I’m going to buy a copy for my son.”

Where can people get copy?

Amazon.com. The book is available in hardcover, paperback and as a download.

What are your plans for writing in the future?

I’d like for it to get traction (with sales). I may pursue writing again before I retire.