Letter: U.S. 31 through Greenwood in major disrepair

To the editor:

In recent months, I’ve developed a great disrespect for those generally unknown people who direct the maintenance of U.S. 31 through the city of Greenwood. In reporting what I believed to be a growing condition of disrepair nearly the full length from city limit to city limit, I contacted the Indiana Department of Transportation; and in both calls I made to them without challenging their procedure, I first asked if there were any near future projects that would be made which would take care of the bad conditions on this road for the winter months.

When no definitive answer was given, they asked what the problem was. I said that there were large amounts of holes developed all along the several lateral seams, nearly all seams were without tar fill. A few days later, I noted that a few small holes had been patched and naively supposed them to be filled at night and would finish it at a later date. Nobody with eyes open could fail to see the damage in the daylight.

Seeing nothing to keep that thought alive, I called them again some weeks later and was told that their records show the work had been done. I told the gentle lady on the phone that I doubted very much if more than a hundred pounds of asphalt were used the length of the city. They must have satisfied themselves with that, but not I. Since the rains and the cold are upon us, bonding in the chuckholes will be poor if at all, even now if they were to attempt to do it.

The water, any water, that enters the thousands of cracks, seams, potholes and the bridge end joints will get larger. Common sense, which is not a natural condition of the mind, is something learned. Such must be acquired before a person directs others to perform something the general public must pay for, and what they pay for should be what a large portion of the citizenry uses. I would be remiss if I did not note that State Road 135 in the western side of Greenwood is little better, from Smith Valley road to County Line Road.

I have no understanding why the city of Greenwood has failed to demand the equal amount of improvements as has been afforded the city of Indianapolis, county of Marion, state of Indiana. If they have and gotten a response, it should be aired publicly. This is not a new problem.

James L. Weimer