IU football player recovering from swimming accident

Indiana University wide receiver Isaac Griffith is hospitalized in Florida following a swimming accident.

The Sarasota County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Department said Griffith was drinking with two fellow IU football players and a friend before they went swimming Monday. Police said the current carried them out from shore and Griffith went under. The friend rescued him, but Griffith remained unconscious and was taken to the hospital.

Former Center Grove football player Nick Stoner, a senior wide receiver for the Hoosiers, was listed in the police report as one of the two football players. The other was wide receiver Ty Smith. Mitch McCune was the fourth person listed in the report.

Griffith, according to the report, was swimming in Siesta Beach when he got caught in a current that pulled him approximately 15 yards past a swim buoy. At that point, McCune “was able to rescue him and bring him back to shore,” the report said.

Griffith “had a pulse but was unconscious,” and his breathing was “short and sporadic,” the report said. He was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Kim Savage said the family has requested privacy. The police report said Griffith’s CT scans were normal, and spokeswoman Wendy Rose said Griffith’s “signs are positive.”

The 19-year-old played at Homestead High School near Fort Wayne. His father Shannon is football coach at Manchester University in northeastern Indiana.

The Indiana athletics department released a statement asking for prayers for Griffith.